Video Player Issues

Some common video player issues:
  • Screen discoloration
  • Lines running through the video player
  • Video player window is black (no video)
  • Player isn't functioning properly

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Adobe Flash
  • Right-click on the video player and select Settings.
  • Click on the left-most tab, labeled Display.
  • Uncheck the box next to where it says Enable Hardware Acceleration.
  • Then, close the panel and restart your browser.
Clear the Cache for Adobe Flash On Your Computer
  • Visit Adobe Flash Help.
  • Click on Delete All Sites in the Website Storage Settings panel (You may be required to log back into Flash-based applications and websites after completing this step).
To make sure everything on your computer is properly set up for Adobe Flash Player, you may want to visit
Adobe's Advanced Troubleshooter.

If your videos won't start at all, try clearing your browser cache.