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We would like you to know first and foremost that we value your privacy. Any personal information requested is simply used for demographic purposes. This helps us to better know our audience in the long run. 

Don't want to include phone number?
If you are uncomfortable providing your phone number, you can just enter one number 10 times - like 5555555555, for example.

Username not being accepted
If your username is not being accepted when attempting to register your new account, it likely means that email has already been registered in our system before. Or, there may be something off in the format of the email address.

Our support team is also happy to check our database for any existing accounts, if you'd like.

Email Address
Your email address is needed to verify and fully activate your account as a means of fraud protection. It's also used in the event that you need to reset your account password, and so we can notify our users of important site updates.